Ways on How to Keep Motivated

men greeting sun. Stands on hill, ocean and yellow sunset

There are days you feel that you can take on the world but there are also days when you feel like everything is against you. Most of the time, the latter get the best of us leaving us with no motivation to go on. Our world right now is, without a doubt, very demanding of our time, energy and resources. Sometimes, it sucks out all of our time that we don’t get the chance to do what really makes us happy.

If you’re in one those days, fret not. Read on and you’ll find tips on how you can motivate yourself to take control your life and stay that way.

Make a vision’s board

It may sound corny but it will definitely help you to never lose sight of what you want to achieve in the future. Vision’s board can contain pictures and notes of the things that you want to achieve. You can also include mini goals that’s easier to achieve which in turn motivate you to reach for your long- term goals.

Develop a mantra

Reminding yourself every day that you can achieve your goal can really make a difference whether you notice it or not. The retention of the mantra in your mind will actually push you to do better since you always think of it when you work towards your goal.

Write the reasons

Make sure to put it in pen and paper why you want to achieve those goals. Is it because you want healthier life? Is it your childhood dream? Being clear with the reasons why you want to achieve something will give you meaning as to why you really need to accomplish it.

Discipline yourself

It’s always easy to make excuses to put off everything you’re doing for the next day. Don’t let yourself fall into it and avoid, as much as possible, indulging to procrastination. It won’t do you any good and it will only make you take more time in achieving your goal. If you have to wake up at 5 A.M. to be able to do more scheduled task, then do it. You’ll never regret it at the end of the day when you see you have checked all the entries in your to- do list.

Devise a plan and always have a contingency plan

Having a concrete plan on how you can achieve something will motivate you because you know where you’re going and even if you fail, you won’t be burn out. Also, it’s better to think of a work around and keep track of the things that you have already done so you won’t be making a mistake of doing the same thing.

Stay positive

There will always be someone who will think or talk against your goal. They might not believe in it or worse, they will try to convince you to let go of it and discourage you in pursuing anything that’s related to it. Accept that first and by the next time they try to pull you down you won’t mind. Don’t let their negative thoughts outweigh your reasons why you’re doing what you’re trying to achieve.